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Custom Web Programming

Custom Web Programming is a service that is usually hired for the development or improvement of applications with non-standard innovative features. In this case, you can start from scratch or use an existing framework previously developed as a basis for the project.

These custom projects need to be carefully planned and matured before being started or your product may end up being quickly outdated, below expectations and costly.

This service normally comes with a preliminary study to assess the feasibility of the project and reduce investment risks.

Application example for a tablet developed by our programming team.

Advantages and Benefits

Custom web programming provides you with the following benefits:

  • Implementation of Innovative features including new means of promotion, marketing, or communication with customers.
  • Conversion goal optimization.
  • Optimization of certain e-marketing actions.
  • A modern high-tech look.

How can we help you?

Red y Comercio can begin with the realization of a personalized study of your customers’ needs and then work from from the elementary to the most complex aspects of your web project, including the conceptualization and implementation of:

  • Online stores (e-commerce): We take care of its programming and design.
  • Portals and Intranets We create them using the latest trends in web design and programming specifications.
  • Custom Applications We perform the analysis, development and implementation.

To do this, our team has knowledge of the latest technologies and of working with tools and languages ​​such as:

  • HTML5 / CSS 3.0
  • JavaScript / XML / Ajax
  • PHP / Python
  • SQL

All this, together with an accumulated experience of over 10 years,undoubtedly ensures the proper execution of the project.

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