Web Analytics with Google Analytics

Google Analytics is an advanced web analysis tool that allows you to collect data and evaluate the performance of your web project on the internet.

With Google Analytics you can have a better understanding of how your customer behave and discover things such as:

  • The users who visit your website most frequently.
  • The medium or channels that drive users to your website.
  • The content that your audience most likes.
  • Achieved objectives.
  • The most profitable e-marketing campaigns.
Professional Service web analytics through Google Analytics.

Advantages and Benefits

Performing Web Analytics on your website provides you with the following advantages:

  • It determines the number and origin of your visitors including the identification of the medium and channels that brought them.
  • It allows you to attain general knowledge on how your users behave when they visit your web page.
  • It determines whether the E-marketing actions and strategies implemented for your business are profitable.
  • It helps you to identify anomalies and failures in the conversion process established in your website.

How can we help you?

Red y Comercio offers a variety services including tracking code installation and consultancy in project measurement.

In order to accomplish the required job, you will have a Certified Consultant in Google Analytics at your disposal. Certified Consultant in Google Analytics and Tag Manager (GTM).

Our job includes:

  • Initial audit.
  • Setting of objectives.
  • Creating and installing the tracking codes.
  • Advanced Google Tag Manager GTM implementation.
  • Setting filters adapted to your needs.
  • Setting advanced performance services.
  • Selection of KPIs.
  • Creating dashboards.
  • Creating custom reports.
  • Setting Electronic Commerce and ROI analysis.
  • Consulting and interpretation of data.
  • Specialized training.

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