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Classroom Training : Face-to-Face Training

Our classroom training is done through This website offers a variety of courses specializing in various technological areas such as e-Marketing, Web Design, Web Programming, Mobile Apps Development, Cloud Computing and Agile Methodologies.

During this kind of training session, instructors and students have a direct and bidirectional communication. This allows for the clarification of questions and creates a brainstorming atmosphere that brings creativity and value to each session.

Classroom training is carried out with a small groups of students. Participants will be invited to meet at our facilities on a specific date and time. We will provide all of the equipment and materials needed for the course.

Classroom Training

Advantages and Benefits

Classroom Training provides the following advantages:

  • It allows quick and effective assimilation of the contents. This method is highly interactive.
  • It facilitates the resolution of questions in a quick and effective manner, as the instructor is always present.
  • It requires participant´s discipline: It is taught on a specific date and time, requiring previous planning on behalf of the participant.
  • It stimulates and develops skills: Classroom training is performed in a team environment,which enables the generation of new ideas or brainstorming.

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Customer Quotes

  • ManagerSchool of Advertising Art

    “In the course developed by Tic Tour highlights the clarity of the instructor. The matter has been very useful. ”

  • AnalystGuadaltel

    “What I liked about the course is the organization, professionalism and facilities.”