What is Influencer Marketing?

Influencer Marketing is one of the possible actions to be executed within Social Media Marketing. It consists of making a promotion on web 2.0 platforms and social networks with the help of so-called prescriptors or influencers.

Unlike promotional campaigns carried out by the companies themselves, in this case, you hire a person who is not engaged with the company who is a leader and very active on social networks in which s/he participates.

This person must be able to influence his/her audience with his/her opinions, evaluations and purchase decisions by producing a more credible connection between brands and potential customers.

Influencer Marketing Campaigns

Advantages and Benefits

An Influencer Marketing campaign offers the following benefits:

  • It allows a less aggressive and more credible promotion with your regular or potential customers.
  • It favors rapprochement between your company and your target audience that is facilitated by a trusted person.
  • It contributes to an increase in brand image: A proper influencer marketing strategy on social networks, increases the value and awareness of your brand.
  • New experiences are created, awakening the interest and needs of users to learn and quite possibly try or buy the brand.

How can we help you?

Red y Comercio will take care of the implementation of your influencer marketing strategy including the strategy setup and the analysis of results. This service includes the following phases:

  • Definition of objectives: Realistic, specific and measurable objectives are specified.
  • Selecting the target audience: We clearly identify the target to which the social media strategy is directed.
  • Search and selection of the most appropriate influencers for your campaign. We will help you to select the influencers or prescriptions that are most suitable for your selected target audience.
  • Content creation: We create the appropriate content to arouse your target audience’s interest and lead them to achieving the predefined objectives.
  • Web 2.0 and social network dynamization: The previously created content is published by the influencer on social networks and shortlisted web 2.0 portals.
  • Selection of KPIs and measurement results: KPIs are used to allow for the control of the project and scope of the preset goals.

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