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LOPD and LSSI-CE Law Adaptation

The LOPD adaptation complies with the Spanish and European Law of Protection of Personal Data, which aims to guarantee and protect personal users' personal data.

The LSSI-CE adaptation complies with the Spanish and European Law Society Services of Information and Electronic Commerce (LSSI-CE), aimed at regulating the legal framework for information services and e-procurement with regard to the obligations of the services provided.

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Advantages and Benefits

LOPD and LSSI-CE law adaptation provides you with the following advantages:

  • They act in accordance with Spanish and European legal regulations.
  • They help you to avoid economic sanctions. These can be from € 40,000 to € 600,000.
  • They protect your business through the current legal regime.
  • They help you to avoid bad practices performed by your customers.
  • They define a responsibility within your organization in the LOPD and LSSI fields.

How can we help you?

Red y Comercio deals with the management of mandatory measures to not violate the current legal standards and thus to not expose your business to harsh penalties. In order to do this we take care of:

  • The registration of personal data files with the Spanish Data Protection Agency (art. 19.2 of the LSSI).
  • The inclusion of legal statements on establishing electronic communications with customers (arts. 19 and 20 of the LSSI).
  • The creation and insertion of cookies notices.
  • The insertion or modification of a Legal Notice and Terms of Use (according to arts. 10, 11 and 17 of the LSSI and art. 5 of the Act).
  • The development of a mandatory Security Document in which all security measures applied by your company for the correct treatment of personal data are included (documented according to Royal Decree 994 are documented / 1999 of June 11).

In addition, we may also work on a personalized study adapted to your company needs based on current regulations.

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