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E-marketing Audit Services

The E-Marketing Audit Service consists in the study of e-marketing actions performed by a company to determine whether its E-marketing strategy is carried out diligently..

Companies usually contract this kind of service when they have doubts about the optimization level of the work done by a company team or an external service provider. It could also be contracted to perform an evaluation of the state of a project at a certain time.

For the execution of this service, it is recommended to count on a qualified and experienced IT consultant who can detect any poorly structured or dishonest E-marketing action.

Audit of E-marketing

Advantages and Benefits

E-marketing Audit Services provide the following advantages and benefits:

  • They check the feasibility of your business model on internet.
  • They evaluate your overall online strategy.
  • They determine whether selected technology is best suited to achieve conversion goals.
  • They verify effectiveness and diligence of each e-marketing actions you are running.
  • They submit corrective actions on detected anomalies.

How can we help you?

Red y Comercio performs E-marketing Audit Services systematically; that is, we always carry out an ordered sequence of phases for diagnosis that includes:

  • The viability of your business in the internet environment.
  • An analysis of your conversion platform from a technical, usability and content point of view.
  • An e-marketing actions inventory and quantification.
  • The impact, measurement and evaluation of each e-marketing action.
  • A ROI Analysis when e-commerce is involved.
  • Anomaly detection and suggestions for corrective actions.

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