Email Marketing Campaigns

Email marketing consists in sending commercial messages to your clients, with their prior consent, using an email.

An Email marketing campaign service includes:

  • Target Selection.
  • Content Creation.
  • Newsletter Layout Creation.
  • Database Selection and Filtering.
  • Email Platform Selection.
  • Campaign Execution and Management.
  • Report of results.
Professional Email Marketing Services.

Advantages and Benefits

A Email Marketing Campaign offers the following benefits:

  • It increase sales and improve customer communication because it allows you to customize campaigns and makes you want to reach the public, segmented according to their interests.
  • It does not requires a large amount of investment: In order to run an email campaign, you do not need to invest large amount of money.
  • It provides direct and immediate communication: and gives quick and instant information to customers.
  • It provides high return on investment (ROI): high revenues at minimum cost.

How can we help you?

Our email marketing campaign management service includes the following activities which may be partially or wholly contracted:

  • The design and programming of e-mails in HTML format that support the majority webmail and email clients on the market.
  • Opt-in options.
  • Server statistics that will measure the effectiveness and impact of each campaign.
  • Generation of reports, including number of emails sent, opened, and clicks, among others.

You also have the option of hiring the following additional services:

  • Search and selection of databases.
  • Search and selection of a suitable post server for such actions.
  • Ability to conduct a survey by shipments.
  • Ability to generate a confirmation to the assistance of an event.
  • E-commerce Analytics, including an analysis of Return on Investment (ROI).

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