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When we talk about Apps, we refer to downloaded and installed applications in both mobile (smartphones) and tablets from which the user can interact and perform various operations.

Apps are developed for two main types of operating systems: Android OS, led by Google, and iOS, owned by Apple Computers.

These Apps are designed using the latest and most innovative technology by uniting the needs of both your company and the applications’ final users.

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Advantages and Benefits

The creation of an App provides you with the following advantages:

  • Improved customer relations.
  • Increased loyalty: Your company or organization can remain permanently connected and your customers interpret this as a symbol of commitment and are therefore more loyal to your brand.
  • A new sales channel: A new showcase for your products and services.
  • Increased brand image: The existence of an App projects a positive image to your customers.
  • An opportunity to differentiated yourself from the competition.

How can we help you?

Red y Comercio develops creative Mobile Apps adapted to the needs of each customer following these steps:

  • Potential target customer identification.
  • App Development based on your customer's needs.
  • A selection of the most suitable operating system depending on the target device used.
  • Prototyping through a usability and user interface (UI / UX) study.
  • Programming using Java, Objective C or IOS, depending on the device used by your client.

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