Social Media Marketing Campaigns (SMM)?

A Social Media Marketing Campaign is one of the possible actions that you may implement within an e-marketing strategy.

When you execute this type of campaign, you work directly with web 2.0 platforms and social networks. It is recommended to focus on a particular sector for which you define a main objective.

Thus, a Social Marketing Campaign requires identifying users, setting goals, selecting social networks, creating a profile and content dynamization.

After launching a social media marketing campaign, it is recommended that you monitor it through a social analytic tool. This way you will be able to track and measure your conversions, return on investment (ROI), and reputation.

Social Media Campaigns

Advantages and Benefits

A Social Media campaign offers the following benefits:

  • It allows a bidirectional communication between you and your potential customers.
  • It helps you to get close to your clients and target audience and allows you to obtain information about their wishes and their needs so you can adapt your product or service.
  • It helps to improve your brand image. A proper marketing strategy on social networks increases the brand value of your company.
  • It provides an increment in web traffic: Social media campaigns arouse interest in for your brand and encourage users to access your website.

How can we help you?

Red y Comercio will take care of the implementation of your social media strategy including the strategy setup and the analysis of results. This service includes the following phases:

  • Definition of objectives: Realistic, specific and measurable objectives are specified.
  • Selecting the target audience: We clearly identify the target to which the social media strategy is directed.
  • Web 2.0 portals and social networks selection: We select web 2.0 portals and social networks related to the selected target audience.
  • Content creation: We create the appropriate content to arouse your target audience’s interest and lead them to achieve the predefined objectives.
  • Web 2.0 and social network dynamization: The previously created content is published on social networks and shortlisted web 2.0 portals shortlisted.
  • Selection of KPIs and measurement results: KPIs are used, allowing for the control of the project and scope of the preset goals.
  • Creation of a online reputation plan: After launching the Social Media Marketing strategy, it is necessary to prepare an online reputation plan with a corresponding contingency plan.

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