Quality Policy Statement

quality policy based on UNE-EN ISO 9001: 2008

Red y Comercio Interactivos, S.L. is a company dedicated to the development, programming, maintenance and promotion of management software companies in the area of ​​Information Technology.

It is our mission to provide enterprise market solutions in the field of telecommunications and computer systems, including products, projects and personalized services on our own or other infrastructure. We strive to provide a quick and effective response to all the issues raised by our clients, always offering:

  • Personal attention
  • An immediate response
  • Advice on all our services

Red y Comercio Interactivos S.L. is an established and reliable company known for providing quality services at competitive costs, such as:

  • Web and App Programming
  • Internet Development
  • Commitment, Reliability and Punctuality
  • Content Creation and Management

Red y Comercio Interactivos S.L. intends to position itself as a leader in the field of design and software development to meet the growing market demand for business knowledge by providing each customer with innovative solutions that fully meet their needs and promote the continuous improvement of their business model. We want to enjoy our dream of working in a field we love, doing it well, and being rewarded and recognized for it every day.

Red y Comercio Interactivos S.L. has a multidisciplinary team of certified consultants in programming, experts in e-marketing and e-commerce with over 10 years experience in Internet Technologies available to suit your project needs.

Red y Comercio Interactivos S.L.also has the support of various business associations that enable us to better meet customers’ needs so we can provide the most appropriate services. These include the Andalusia Information Technologies Association ETICOM) and the Andalusian Association of Electronic Commerce (ANDCE).

Over time, Red y Comercio Interactivos S.L. has developed a working method based on a series of protocols with the idea of ​​increasing the production quality of its products and customer service. This protocol runs with the help of Software Management made by and for the company.

With the design and implementation of a management system based on the UNE-EN ISO 9001: 2008, Red y Comercio Interactivos S.L. aims to improve the whole management process and optimize resources, thus helping to make the company more competitive and gain greater recognition and prestige.

The Quality Commission Red y Comercio Interactivos S.L. focuses on the Quality System and the continuous improvement of its effectiveness in order to achieve customer satisfaction and meet their requirements with those that are legally established, in addition to their own product/service. < br />
This quality policy is constantly evolving with the company, so it is reviewed by management in our System Review for continuing suitability as well as for quality objectives to be considered framework for establishing and reviewing these objectives.

Its different departments address all tasks with a final goal in mind:

Customer satisfaction and quality as key principles .

Seville, December 9, 2009
Fabio Castañeda
Red y Comercio Interactivos S.L.